Your health and safety are our top priorities

Posted on August 4, 2017 in Blog

Your health and safety are our top prioritiesDid you know that when you call H2 Environmental Consulting Services for environmental testing and remediation services, you’re in excellent hands? That’s because your health safety are our top priorities. The whole reason why we founded H2 Environmental Consulting Services and why go to work every day is because we want to make Southern California as pure, clean, and healthy as it can possibly be.

We get closer to achieving this goal every day by conducting environmental testing of residential, commercial, and other properties. We use specialized equipment to analyze each molecule of each property – including its water, soil, air, and physical structure. Then we conclusively determine whether there are contaminants present, and if so, where. After that, we come up with a thorough plan to eradicate all contaminants from the property in the safest, most effective way possible. We meticulously follow all federal, state, and local regulations, including proper disposal methods for any and all materials that contain hazardous materials. We follow every safety precaution possible, including sealing off the work area, wearing protective gear, filtering the air during the remediation process, and more.

Wondering whether your property could be contaminated?

Do you ever wonder whether your home or business property contains harmful substances like asbestos, lead, mold, and fungus? Enlist the experts at H2 Environmental Consulting Services to put your mind at peace. We’ll gladly schedule a convenient time to test your property’s soil, water, physical structure, and even its air. Using the best technological advances, we’ll analyze your property and present you with a complete report of our findings. If we find any contaminants, you can also rely on us to thoroughly remove them from your property.

Our top priorities

Your health and safety our top priorities, which is why we always follow proper safety procedures to the letter. If you have any doubt about whether your property contains hazardous materials, call H2 Environmental Consulting Services at (800) 524-3578 to schedule an environmental evaluation right away. Don’t put the health and safety of your loved ones – and yourself – at risk! Make sure you find out whether your property is contaminated and if so, get it taken care of to avoid developing health concerns as a result of exposure to contaminants.

Contaminants we test for

We’re always working hard to detect and remove contaminants from properties throughout Southern California. Substances we specifically test for include

  • Asbestos
  • Mold
  • Fungus
  • Lead
  • And more!

We also specialize in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). Plenty of people don’t realize that the air they breathe every day could contain seriously harmful contaminants. Find out how pure your air is today by calling H2 Environmental Consulting Services at (800) 524-3578.

We’re Southern California’s Underground Storage Tank (UST) specialists. If your property contains a UST, you need to find a licensed contractor to handle all maintenance tasks and address any spills should they occur. Rely on H2 Environmental Consulting Services for all your UST needs!

Here at H2 Environmental Consulting Services, we’ll keep working every day to make Southern California a safer, healthier place to live. Call us today at (800) 524-3578.