A environmental site assessment from H2 Environmental can identify existing soil contamination


There are many different pollutants that can be found in soil.  The different kinds of pollutants will react differently with the soil and will cause the soil to look different.  Factory runoff and even polluted water can contaminate soil.  Depending on the levels and kind of pollution present, effects on humans will differ.  For instance, mild contamination or pollution will not have as many serious effects as highly contaminated soil.  Some of the most serious health issues include birth defects, sickness, and even cancer or death.  H2 Environmental Consulting Services can consult with your company and arrange for proper testing to determine if the soil in question has been contaminated.

Environmental Effects

In addition to illness or other health-related issues, polluted soil can cause long-term effects on the environment, such as contamination of produce or other crops which are then less healthy than uncontaminated crops.  Just as water can affect soil, soil can also affect water and contaminate drinking water.  All plants and animals will be affected by untreated soil that has been contaminated.  Determining the type and extent of the contamination is the first step in remediating the problem.  H2 Environmental Consulting Services has highly trained specialists that have the proper knowledge and equipment to conduct such testing.

Soil can be Tested for a Variety of Things

  • DirtVolatile Organics
  • PNAs
  • Priority Pollutants
  • BETX (components of gasoline)
  • Metals (such as lead)

As some sites change hands and uses, it is common to have soil testing done to make sure that any problems are taken care of.


H2 Environmental Consulting Services Available

The personnel at H2 Environmental Consulting Services have the necessary experience to provide a range of services including testing and assessment, consulting on remediation plans and oversight.  When you are concerned about the quality of the soil, H2 Environmental Consulting Services is the company that can provide you with the professional support you require.

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