We can guide you through a fungus remediation project from start to finish and improve your indoor air quality


There are studies that suggest that people who have been exposed to a fungus in microscopic form in indoor air may have a higher rate of respiratory problems such as asthma.  Mold and fungus can grow in an area that has a food source, such as paper, wallpaper, ceiling tiles, carpet, insulation and food as well as moisture. Reproduction is through spores that are microscopic in nature that can be inhaled or ingested.  Having your residence or business checked for indoor air quality is particularly important for those who generally suffer from respiratory problems.  H2 Environmental Consulting Services is your full-service Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) consulting service to help you determine if you have a problem with fungus and assist in remediating that problem.

How Does Fungus Enter the Home or Business?

  • Outdoor air carries a variety of fungal spores, and the air enters a building through windows and doorways.
  • Pets, people, and even things brought inside may have spores on them.
  • When fungi grow indoors, spores are produced and released into the air.  When there is extra moisture in an area, fungus can grow more quickly.

H2 Environmental Consulting Services Can Help

If you are concerned about the possibility of fungus in your home, H2 Environmental Consulting Services has the equipment, manpower, and experience you need to adequately test your IAQ.  We use state of the art equipment that can even view the wall cavities and sample the air in there.  This can eliminate the need for trial and error when locating the actual source of the problem.  In addition, we can test the humidity levels so you will be aware of the potential for stimulating fungus to grow.   Our experts can test the areas in question, create a plan of action, monitor your air quality, and do a final clearance inspection to make sure the problem has been completely cleared up.

If you have seen signs of fungal growth, contact H2 Environmental Consulting Services today for a consultation.