Identify and eliminate common sources of lead contamination with help from H2 Environmental

Considered to be a toxic metal, lead may cause or contribute to a number of health problems in both adults and children.  In fact, nearly one million children aged one to five in the United States have dangerous lead levels in their blood.  Buildings and homes built prior to 1978 may contain paint that was lead-based.  In addition, such things as furniture, gasoline, toys, soil, porcelain, drinking water, and even food stored in certain types of containers may contain lead.  H2 Environmental Consulting Services is your local specialist for detecting lead and aiding in properly disposing of it.

Lead Poisoning is Preventable

leadBecause lead is detectable and removable, lead poisoning is preventable.  Children have easy access to such things as paint chips, soil, and dust that could be contaminated by lead.  H2 Environmental Consulting Services can run tests for you and map out a plan to resolve your lead issues.

Why are Renovations Particularly Dangerous?

Although the EPA banned the use of lead based paint in 1978, nearly 64 million buildings in America built prior to that time still contain this product.  When the paint is disturbed during a renovation, the dust can be in the air and dust and paint chips can settle on the ground.  As young children play on the ground their hands and toys can pick up some of this dust and it often ends up in the mouth of the child.  Both adults and children can inhale the dust if it is in the air.  For the protection and safety of both adults and children, Congressed passed Title X, or the Residential Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Act of 1992.

What Title X Means to You

As part of Title X, anyone owning a pre-1978 home that is sold or leased must disclose information about lead-based paint in the residence.  In addition, certain requirements were put in place to protect children from the hazards of lead-based paint during renovations of pre-1978 homes.  These include certain certifications for the professionals doing the renovation work and restricting access to the work areas.  H2 Environmental Consulting Services fully understands the requirements and standards that must be followed when a renovation of a home that contains lead-based paint is underway.  We want to help protect your family and safely eliminate the problem.

If you are buying, selling, or renovating a pre-1978 home, you need the professional services of H2 Environmental Consulting Services.  We can help you determine whether or not there is a problem and create a plan to correct the problem.  Contact us today for your lead-based paint issues.