Asbestos Management Services

We provide a full range of asbestos management services to help detect and eliminate asbestos contamination

Because of the health hazards when asbestos is inhaled, it is important to utilize asbestos management services when dealing with any of the many asbestos containing materials (ACM) in your home or business.  While a number of ACM have been banned through federal regulations, many have not been restricted.  However, there are specific work practices that are regulated as well as required identification of asbestos in commercial buildings, schools, and other public buildings that are slated to be demolished or remodeled.  H2 Environmental Consulting Services is fully versed in all the regulations and procedures that have to do with asbestos and provides asbestos management services.

Services H2 Environmental Consulting Services can Provide

  • Danger 2Facilities surveys that comprehensively check for asbestos – an assessment of the situation can be facilitated and a complete report and plan for remediation can be generated.
  • Asbestos air monitoring and construction oversight – air sampling and testing during the construction phase can be properly accomplished.
  • Specific design site specifications for projects and renovations that deal with Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) – federal regulations and policies will be followed in creating specifications for dealing with ACM during renovations and construction projects.
  • Final visual inspections and final clearance monitoring before any area is given the go-ahead for re-occupancy – clearance based on regulations and standard testing with all proper procedures being followed prior to re-occupation of the property.

Professional Management is Necessary

Because of the hazards that asbestos poses, trying to take a sample could be more dangerous than leaving the ACM alone if it is not done correctly.  Professionals know exactly what to look for and how to properly and safely take samples for testing.  At H2 Environmental Consulting Services we have highly trained and certified professionals that can assess the extent of the problem and make viable recommendations based on federal regulations, policies, and procedures.

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