Training of Staff & Employees

We provide the training your staff & employees need to stay safe on the job

When you deal with environmental issues, you need to be sure that your employees and staff have been properly trained. H2 Environmental Consulting Services has all of the necessary personnel and knowledge to train your staff and employees on any and all of the issues facing your business.  Whether you deal with hazardous materials or your employees have the possibility of being exposed to such materials, proper training can make all the difference.  H2 Environmental Consulting Services provides training for employees in a variety of industries.

Types of Training Offered:

  • Training of Staff & EmployeesMSDS Awareness Training – helps employees understand Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and hazard communication including understanding of requirements and regulations.
  • Hazardous Materials Awareness Training – helps attendees recognize when a hazardous material release occurs and what the risks may be.  Identification of the material released and how to utilize the resources that are available and proper notification of authorities are also covered.
  • Operations & Maintenance Training
  • Lead Awareness Training – educates your staff & employees about lead safety, exposure, and protection.
  • Asbestos Awareness Training – includes information on detecting and protecting workers from asbestos related materials as well as proper disposal methods.
  • Mold/Fungus Awareness Training – helps individuals identify moisture issues and potential issues with moisture as well as procedures for dealing with mold or fungus.

Keep Your Employees Up-to-date

As regulations are adjusted or changed, it is important that your employees receive updated training.  It is also helpful for those who received training in the past to review that training on a periodic basis.  H2 Environmental Consulting Services is here to provide training that is tailored to your individual needs.  Whether you need more training on regulations, safety, or actually handling hazardous materials, we can provide your staff & employees with the training they require.

When you need qualified training of staff & employees, H2 Environmental Consulting Services has the experienced training services you are looking for.