Health & Safety

H2 Environmental helps identify & eliminate hazards from asbestos, lead, mold, & fungus through expert environmental consulting services

Health and safety is a very important concern for businesses as well as families.  While many people tend to focus on physical safety, health can be impacted by many things in the local environment.  Indoor air quality (IAQ) can be impacted by many different things, and buildings may contain lead-based paint or asbestos containing materials (ACM).  These types of health dangers cannot usually be detected by the average person; they require professional testing for proper identification.  H2 Environmental Consulting Services is your local specialist for environmental testing and remediation.

Environmental Health and Safety Concerns Include:


Training and Licensing Necessary

When you need help with environmental issues, it is extremely important that you have state licensed professionals that have the training and equipment necessary to be able to detect the problems according to state and federal guidelines and regulations.  Often, trying to take samples improperly can actually cause more damage than simply leaving the area alone until a professional can do testing properly.  H2 Environmental Consulting Services has fully trained and licensed staff available to test your residential, commercial, or industrial environment.  In addition, we can train your employees to follow the guidelines for proper documentation and handling of any hazardous materials that may be present in the workplace.

Services We Provide

Whether you require detection of hazardous substances, training, management services, oversight of projects, remediation planning and monitoring, or final inspections after remediation has taken place, H2 Environmental Consulting Services has the manpower, expertise and equipment to assist you.  We work with individual cases to determine the best course of action to provide adequate levels of environmental safety to workers as well as occupants.  We can provide all state and federally required testing and meet OSHA and other regulatory body standards and requirements.

Whether you suspect an issue or have been required by a governing body to have testing done, contact H2 Environmental Consulting Services for complete environmental health and safety services.