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‘Popcorn Ceiling’ (2015)

‘Popcorn Ceiling’ is a light hearted comedic short that follows Bill, a loving yet clumsy husband as he tries to sample his popcorn ceiling for asbestos. Bill’s honey-do lists are always long and incomplete, often creating additional projects in the process. Bill’s wife Kate should get a medal for patience, as Bill lives in his own little world and misses most of his appointments, not due to his lack of effort, but his lack of skill.

Thomas Haley is “Bill”
Al Burke is “Officer Lee”
Amy DeSantiago is “Kate”

Popcorn Ceiling should be tested for Asbestos before it gets removed, and the testing should be done by a professional. Hire H2 Environmental (800) 524-3578, and we will make sure it is done right, Don’t let Bill near your home, (Sorry Bill)