Environmental Site Assessments

Identify existing or potential environmental liabilities with environmental site assessments

When you own a site or are contemplating purchasing property, you want to have an environmental site assessment that is carried out by professionals.  H2 Environmental Consulting Services has the knowledge and expertise you need for a complete environmental site assessment.


  • TreePhase I ESA – assessment follows ASTM Standards – identifies existing or potential environmental liabilities, including the physical property as well as the land.  Air, soil, groundwater and building materials are generally sampled to determine the possibility that hazardous substances are present.  Sampling and analysis in a laboratory are not included.
  • Phase II Supplemental Hazardous Material Sampling – in order to confirm whether contamination is present samples are collected and analyzed.  Investigation methods and results are documented for a complete report.
  • AST/UST Storage Tank Monitoring and Recordkeeping in regards to Leak Detection – services include ensuring that USTs meet specifications and are monitored for possible leaks.  Records will be kept properly and reporting of leaks will be handled properly.
  • AST/UST Storage Tank Removal Sampling and Certification – field personnel are trained to follow strict policies regarding health and safety when dealing with samples and certification.
  • Environmental Impact Studies, also Wetland Assessment -determine the possible impact, either positive or negative, that the project might have on the local environment, particularly with regard to Wetlands.

When are Environmental Site Assessments (ESA’s) Necessary?

There are a number of reasons for an ESA including the purchase of a property by a new owner, getting a loan from a new lender, or a requested change of use for the property in question.  If a property owner wants to know the history of the property as it relates to the environment or if a regulatory agency has concerns about the possible contamination of the site an ESA may be performed.  H2 Environmental Consulting Services has the expertise necessary to perform an ESA when it is needed.

If you want to have an ESA performed or an ESA is mandated by a regulatory agency, contact H2 Environmental Consulting Services for thorough and professional services.