Lead Management Services

Our lead management services help detect and eliminate lead contamination in soil, air, or water

Lead Paint

Because the dangers of lead were not discovered for many years, there are many businesses and residences that were painted with lead-based paints.  It can be difficult to tell if a child has lead poisoning because there are few if any symptoms that surface for most people.  However, loss of attention, learning disabilities, physical impairments in growth and hearing as well as lowered IQ scores are all results of this disease.  Adults with a high degree of lead exposure may have problems with the nervous system, heart, kidneys, bones, and reproductive system among others.  H2 Environmental Consulting Services wants to help you determine whether you and your family have been exposed to lead and we provide a number of services to that end.

Who is Affected by Title X Regulations?

Title X was an act of congress designed to address the hazards of residential lead.  Part of this law requires landlords to provide information to possible renters about lead-based paint hazards and sellers to disclose any known issues with lead-based paint prior to the home sale.  Up to 10 days are also given to buyers to conduct inspections for the identification of lead hazards.  Public buildings and schools are also protected under these types of programs, and occupational awareness is also addressed.

Lead Management Services Provided by H2 Environmental Consulting Services

  • Facilities will be comprehensively surveyed for lead
  • Lead containing materials will be identified by X-ray, dust wipe, paint chip, soil sampling or water sampling.
  • Specifications for the specific site will be designed for renovation projects that require lead/air monitoring during construction
  • Clearance monitoring and final visual inspections conducted prior to re-occupancy

Occupational Hazards

Workers in the construction industry, among others, may have increased exposure to lead hazards, and safe standards have been put in place to reduce this problem.  H2 Environmental Consulting Services can monitor sites where lead is either being used or removed and verify clearance at final inspection.

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