Why You Should Choose H2 Environmental to do Asbestos Air Testing in Los Angeles, CA

Posted on June 10, 2013 in Blog


By choosing us, you know you’ll get expert asbestos air testing Los Angeles CA you can trust

Indoor Air QualityAsbestos is a serious health hazard. When asbestos-containing materials break down, miniscule asbestos fibers become airborne. If you, your employees, or your family members inhale any of these fibers, potentially life-threating conditions including lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis may result. Because asbestos fibers are so tiny, the only way to tell for certain if the air in your property is contaminated is to get asbestos air testing Los Angeles CA. As an experienced asbestos management consultant, H2 Environmental makes a great partner for this process.

We Know the Law

H2 Environmental has provided superior asbestos management services for a diverse range of projects in Southern California, such as the Los Angeles Staples Center demolition. We have experience and expertise required to help you successfully navigate the red tape involved in asbestos removal and abatement. We are intimately familiar with the rules and regulations governing asbestos projects, both on a state and national level, and when you work with us you know that your project will be compliant.

We Facilitate Reliable Asbestos Air Testing

As a qualified asbestos management company, we can provide the trained personnel needed to safely collect asbestos samples on your property. Then, we can facilitate scientific testing of these samples at a certified lab to tell you for certain whether or not dangerous levels of asbestos contamination are present on your property.

We Take You Through Every Step of the Project

If asbestos air testing Los Angeles CA reveals a problem on your property, we can offer a complete range of asbestos management services to help you handle the contamination. We can not only plan and design a safe, sealed work site with filtered ventilation in compliance with relevant laws and safety codes, but also help you select a licensed and certified contractor to perform the actual removal work. Plus, we will perform the final asbestos air testing Los Angeles CA you need to prove that your property may safely reopen after the project is complete.

At H2 Environmental, we understand the pressures and concerns that businesses face when dealing with hazardous materials like asbestos. We will make every effort to facilitate all tasks in an extremely prompt manner so that your project can be completed quickly and efficiently, without ever sacrificing safety.