When You Want to Hire the Best Hazardous Materials Removal Company in Southern California, Turn to H2 Environmental Consulting Services

Posted on June 19, 2015 in Blog

When You Want to Hire the Best Hazardous Materials Removal Company in Southern California, Turn to H2 Environmental Consulting ServicesA home is a sanctuary, a refuge from the crazy hubbub of the world. It’s where you come to connect with family, unwind by yourself, and think about your life and where it’s going. It’s the place you love to invite family to during holidays and random Sunday afternoon brunches, where you love to have dinner parties for your friends while the kids chase each other around happily.

You looked at so many potential properties before choosing this one. Your realtor wondered if you’d ever finally pick one and make an offer. But when you saw this place, went through the walkthrough, and tried not to give away your excitement to the buyers, you knew this was The One.

It’s the place you come home to after a long day at the office. The place your kids think of when they remember their childhoods. The place you and your spouse developed a lasting, solid partnership over many years. The place you’ll gladly send a mortgage check in for for the next 30+ years, just so you can call it “home.” The place you have an endless To Do list for little enhancing projects for, and don’t mind at all because it means you’re improving a place you love.

A place called home.

That’s why when you hire any kind of contractor to perform repair, regular maintenance, or remodels on your home, you carefully vet them, asking for references and making sure they are trustworthy before allowing them to work on your precious investment.

As it should be. Your home is everything!

At H2 Environmental Consulting Services, we understand that home is where your heart is, so we respect it at all times, including during the initial walk through, investigation for any hazardous substances such as lead and asbestos, and complete removal and safe disposal of any hazardous substances.

We have homes of our own, and have followed the Golden Rule every day we have been in business:

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

In other words, we treat your home with as much care and attention to detail as we treat our own homes. We take care to make sure every speck of hazardous material is removed from your home to ensure optimal indoor air quality right away.

We are a fully licensed and bonded company that strictly follows every California regulation in the books, safely abiding by the law and best practices at all times. We treat our employees fairly and with kindness since they are the ultimate representatives of us. You can count on our employees to treat you courteously and professionally at every point of the hazardous materials removal project.

Learn more or make an appointment today by calling (800) 524-3578 or emailing CustomerService@H2Env.com. We look forward to serving your hazardous material needs anywhere throughout Southern California.