What’s the big deal about underground storage tanks?

Posted on August 21, 2015 in Blog

One of the most important services we offer here at H2 Environmental Consulting Services is making sure you comply with federal and state requirements for UST (Underground Storage Tanks). H2 Environmental Consulting Services can take care of all your UST needs.

Government regulation of USTs

What’s the big deal about underground storage tanks?USTs are regulated by federal and state law in California and all other US states, so installation and maintenance services always need to be performed by licensed and certified hazardous materials contractors, such as those at H2 Environmental Consulting Services. USTs are regulated by the government because of concerns about contamination of groundwater. Owners and operators must ensure they comply with federal and state regulations and protect USTs from corrosion, overfills, and spills. If a leak is discovered, action must be taken immediately to clean the unit and restore any groundwater.

What is the purpose of USTs?

USTs are used to store a variety of materials, most of which are petroleum based, including gasoline, kerosene, heating oil, jet fuel, diesel, hydraulic oil, propane, used oil, and more. Many people aren’t aware of these requirements and how to make sure their underground storage tank complies with them. We can also take care of safe and secure cleanup of any USTs that are leaking.

Underground Storage Tank Management

We can provide a wide range of underground storage tank management services, including serving as the UST designated operator, conducting evaluations of systems inventory, site assessment and investigation, ensuring regulatory compliance, tank integrity testing, and design of corrective or remedial action.

Tank Closures

If you decide to stop using your UST, we can take care of safely closing your UST, including handling the construction management, setting contractor specifications, performing the tank excavation and secure removal, and handling all required reports.

Remediation Services

When you suspect your UST might be leaking, or if you’ve already discovered a leak, call H2 Environmental Consulting Services right away for excellent remediation services. We can handle all your remediation needs, including air sparging bioremediation, plume control, vapor extraction, and biological degradation.

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H2 Environmental Consulting Services can educate you on how to manage your UST and provide all UST services you require, including complete management, testing, monitoring, excavation and removal, and remediation services. We have been handling Southern Californians’ UST projects for over 29 years, and we would be glad to take care of all your UST requirements.

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