Underground Storage Tank Removal Project Completed in Fresno

Posted on October 5, 2014 in Blog

EPA Brownfield funding used for removal and cleanup of underground gas storage tanks.

Underground Storage TankUnderground storage tanks are convenient and necessary for many purposes, but they also pose risks. Harmful chemicals housed in the tanks could contaminate soil and groundwater if the tanks were to leak, or if the tanks were to be damaged during a removal attempt.

Many properties across the country have been designated “Brownfields” by the EPA due to the presence of old underground storage tanks that need to be cleaned up or removed before the property can be redeveloped. Because this sort of remediation project can be quite costly, the EPA offers funding to help with the process and make sure qualified contractors who can get the job done safely are chosen.

EPA Brownfield funding was used recently in Fresno to clean up a site that had four underground storage tanks. The site was operated as a gas station from 1937 to 1982, and had three 4,000 to 5,000 gallon fuel tanks and one 280 gallon waste oil tank. An auto repair shop currently occupies the property, but it may be redeveloped as a restaurant location now that the site is clean.

This project was part of a state-wide effort to address properties that have been languishing due to old environmental hazards and prepare them for redevelopment into productive spaces. So far, 339 sites have been targeted as candidates for Brownfield efforts and 84 underground storage tanks have been removed. Fresno alone has 38 tank sites and has received over $600,000 from the EPA.

If you own a property with an underground storage tank on it, it is very important to comply with all your legal obligations for the monitoring and upkeep of your tank, and to clean up any leaks or spills quickly and thoroughly. H2 Environmental can help with all of these activities.

Underground Storage Tank Management: As a qualified UST operator, H2 Environmental can handle all the activities related to the ongoing management of your tank, including integrity testing and the design and installation of monitoring systems to quickly identify any leaks or spills.

Tank Closures: When closing a tank, certain protocols must be followed. We can create a plan for your contractors to follow when closing and/or removing the tank to ensure no environmental liabilities result from the job.

Remediation Services: In case of a leak or spill, we can provide plume control, vapor extraction, and biological degradation services to help with the remediation. We can also provide expert soil and water testing to determine how far the contamination has spread and confirm that the remediation is complete.