Top Rated Asbestos Company in Los Angeles County

Posted on March 20, 2014 in Blog

H2 Environmental has over 11,000 successful projects to its credit and a highly trained and experienced staff.

At H2 Environmental, we’ve been helping clients clean up all kinds of asbestos contamination since 1995. Asbestos CompanyWe have completed over 11,000 projects encompassing everything from initial asbestos testing to complete teardown and removal of contaminated structures. We’ve been trusted with major contracts such as the initial assessment and oversight of asbestos-containing materials in 53 buildings for the Staples Center Project, but our services are still available to any client large or small. Our skills, experience, and industry connections make us a top-rated asbestos company in Los Angeles County. Here are the core activities we can assist you with.

Initial Asbestos Testing

As an expert environmental consulting company, H2 Environmental can send a highly trained and qualified professional to conduct a thorough site assessment of your property and identify any potential asbestos-containing materials. Then, we can take samples of those materials for lab testing to confirm the presence of asbestos.

Asbestos Remediation Project Management

If asbestos has been detected on your property, we can provide project planning and worksite design services that will ensure your asbestos remediation project moves forward in a safe and legally compliant manner. For example, we can help you to select a trusted asbestos removal company and then ensure they seal off the worksite properly and utilize proper protocols during the removal and transport of the asbestos waste. We can also provide ongoing asbestos air testing to confirm that no asbestos particles are escaping the work area during the project.

Final Clearance Monitoring

After the remediation is complete, we can provide final visual inspections and air testing to confirm that the work site is clean and free of contamination. You may need to know this simply for your own peace of mind or you may need official confirmation for legal purposes. We are authorized to provide the official final clearance approvals you may need to open your property for re-occupancy.

We Help You Every Step of the Way

Having us as your asbestos project coordinator ensures that the law will be followed to the letter at every phase of your asbestos-related project. Make one simple choice in choosing us, a top-rated asbestos company in Los Angeles County, and we’ll handle everything else for you. We’ll facilitate work from other highly regarded contractors as needed and make sure a superior level of service is provided at all times. If you have any further questions about hiring a top-rated asbestos company in Los Angeles County please contact us today.