Tips for Gardening Success this Summer

Posted on July 14, 2017 in Blog

Tips for Gardening Success this Summer

Summer is upon us – are you looking for ways to spruce up your yard? There are so many ways to enhance your yard and get some much-needed exercise while you’re at it. Follow these essential tips to keep you, your loved ones, and your pets safe and happy while you indulge your green thumb this summer.

Avoid peak heat and wear sunscreen

Save your gardening projects for early-morning and late-afternoon/evening so you won’t have to deal with as much intense heat. Making your yard beautiful isn’t worth the risk of heat stroke – protect yourself by staying inside during the hottest part of the day. Perhaps you might start gardening at 7am, and then by 11am you think, “I’m on a roll – I’ll just keep weeding” but this could be a recipe for disaster. Set a timer on your phone to remind yourself to get out of the sun during the most intense heat of the day. And don’t forget to wear sunscreen – no matter what time of day it may be. Your future self (and their great skin) will thank you for being vigilant about applying sunscreen every time you go outside.

Get your soil tested

Before you even begin gardening, it’s important that you make sure your soil is safe and contaminant-free. Thankfully, that’s easier than ever – all you have to do is enlist the environmental experts at H2 Environmental Consulting Services. Call (800) 524-3578 and we’ll be happy to schedule a thorough evaluation of your soil and, if you’d like, your entire property – including its water, air, and physical structure. If any harmful materials are present, you can trust us to find them. We use the most advanced technological tools and techniques to analyze every molecule of your property.

Once we sign off on your garden and home, feel free to dig in without a single worry or concern!

Do some research and don’t be afraid to ask for help

Another way to ensure you have a pleasant and successfully gardening experience is by doing some research and by not being afraid to ask for help. The internet is a treasure-trove of resources for amateur gardeners, and staff at plenty of gardening stores is more than willing to answer any questions you may have and offer expert advice. Don’t be afraid to speak up! Your garden will turn out so much better when you put shyness aside and dive into the wonderful world of gardening.

There are plenty of plants that really thrive in our intense Southern California climate, plus many that are destined for failure at the outset. Save yourself lots of frustration by doing your homework before you begin and by asking for advice whenever you feel an inkling of doubt beginning to creep in. Your garden will turn out great!

Don’t forget to call H2 Environmental Consulting Services at (800) 524-3578 before you begin pulling weeds and rotating your soil. Before you pick up a trowel or purchase some seeds, call the environmental testing experts at H2 Environmental Consulting Services. Happy gardening!