The Perfect time for School Environmental Testing

Posted on December 4, 2015 in Blog

The Perfect time for School Environmental TestingAre you 100% certain that the air, soil, water, and physical structure of your school is completely safe? Students and faculty spend so much time in school—perhaps 8 or more hours in schools during weekdays, and often a few hours on the weekends, too, for sports games, dances, and other activities. Many administrators aren’t so sure if their school is totally free of contaminants. You may be surprised to find out that there are many common contaminants that are frequently found in homes, commercial buildings, schools, and other properties throughout the US, including Southern California. It’s so important to be aware of contaminants such as lead, asbestos, mold, and fungus that you may be exposing students, faculty, and administrators all the time. That’s why we at H2 Environmental Consulting Services offer comprehensive environmental testing for educational facilities, including schools, colleges, and universities. Our top priority is making Southern Californians safer by detecting contaminants and eradicating them so the air you breathe is always free and clear.

School regulations

We know that schools often are held to very high standards in terms of government regulation, and we know these regulations inside-and-out. We can help make sure your school is 100% safe and compliant with all government regulations.

Perfect timing

Now it the perfect time to schedule your school’s environmental evaluation with H2 Environmental Consulting Services! While your school’s students are away on winter break, we’d be happy to come in and evaluation your property, including its air, soil, water, and physical structure. We’ll use the most modern tools and techniques to test every molecule of your school property for potential contamination. We even have devices that can test the air inside of walls! Modern technology is amazing, isn’t it?!

What’s next

After your school’s environmental evaluation, we’ll deliver the results to you. If we have found any contaminants, such as lead, asbestos, mold, or fungus, we’ll suggest a remediation plan. As always, our top priority is safety, so our plan will definitely take into account the importance of avoiding increasing the contamination of your property. We’ll also take care of safe disposal of contaminants found on your property, so you won’t have to worry about hiring another company to do this on your behalf.

Making life easier

At H2 Environmental Consulting Services, we want to make your life easier and safer. That’s why offer streamlined environmental management services. The burden of making sure your school is safe from contamination will be officially off your shoulders when you call H2 Environmental Consulting Services at (800) 524-3578 today.

A fresh start

Start the next year and next semester off on a great foot! Both students, faculty, and other administrators will be so glad H2 Environmental Consulting Services took care of all environmental management needs over the winter break. Everyone will be able to take deep, cleansing breaths as they plunge into the next chapter of their lives—2016!