Should I be concerned about the air quality in my home?

Posted on January 22, 2017 in Blog

Should I be concerned about the air quality in my home?Many of us spend the majority of our time indoors. Even though we live here in beautiful Southern California, most of us work inside, plus we have plenty of household tasks to take care of inside, too. Plus, of course, we sleep indoors, which hopefully last for about 8 hours. That’s a pretty big chunk of time.

Have you ever considered that the air you breathe for the majority of your life might not be totally clean and healthy? Many people have never really even thought about the quality of the air they breathe every day, but it’s really important.

What might be lurking in your air?

There are many potential problems with Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) that may be present in your home including:

  • Excess dust
  • Poor ventilation
  • Temperature issues
  • Odors
  • Humidity
  • Gases
  • Chemicals
  • Allergens including fungus and mold
  • Other contaminants

What’s the big deal?

Effects of IAQ issues may not become visible immediately – they may not become obvious for many years. Some common effects of IAQ issues include nose, throat, and eye irritation, dizziness, headache, and lack of energy. Almost always, these immediate effects are short-lived and pretty easy to treat.

The best way to resolve your home’s IAQ issues, though, is by scheduling an environmental evaluation of your entire home with H2 Environmental Consulting Services. Find out what IAQ problems are present in your home to avoid the long-term effects of poor IAQ, including heart disease, respiratory disease, and even cancer. Enlist the expertise of H2 Environmental Consulting Services to improve your home’s IAQ and to begin breathing easier right away.

What happens during an environmental evaluation?

You may be wondering what occurs when H2 Environmental Consulting Services conducts an environmental evaluation on your property. Well, using the most effective, latest technological tools, we’ll check every molecule of your home for potential contamination – including the soil, water, physical structure, and air. Trust us, if there are any harmful substances lurking in your home, we will definitely find them. To check IAQ, we sample for substances such as carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, ozone, Volatile Organic Compounds (Vocs) and more.

What happens next?

If our environmental evaluation results in the discovery of contamination in any area of your home, we’ll come up with a full remediation plan. Taking federal and state regulations into account every step of the way, we’ll develop a thorough plan to ensure complete removal of all harmful substances from your home. We’ll also safely dispose of any contaminated items in designated facilities on your behalf.

Time to get started

Make sure the air you breathe at home every day is safe. Give H2 Environmental Consulting Services a call at (800) 524-3578 to set up your environmental evaluation. You’re in great hands with H2 Environmental Consulting Services – we have over 28 years of experience detecting and removing contaminants from properties throughout Southern California. Give us a call at (800) 524-3578 and we’ll make sure your home is 100% safe and secure.