Should I be concerned about Indoor Air Quality in my Home?

Posted on April 1, 2016 in Blog

Should I be concerned about Indoor Air Quality in my Home?Though it’s invisible and often overlooked, the Indoor Air Quality of your home impacts the health and wellbeing of you and your loved ones every day. At H2 Environmental Consulting Services, we pay special attention Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) because naturally, the quality of the air we breathe really matters, particularly since many of us spend the majority of our time indoors.

What’s in your air?

You may not realize the importance of your home’s IAQ. Did you know that there are many toxic substances that could be in your air? Mold, fungus, carbon monoxide, radon, smoke from a fireplace, and other potential hazardous materials could be found in your home’s air. The presence of chemicals and other toxins could lead to health problems such as allergies, eye irritation, headache, nausea, and even loss of coordination. Even if discovered at low levels, these toxins can impact human health in significant ways, and if found at high levels, consequences can be dramatic.

Monitoring and testing

H2 Environmental Consulting Services provides various IAQ services to Southern Californians. These include Indoor Air Monitoring and Construction Oversight. We use top of the line equipment for monitoring and testing IAQ. We also continuously make sure all federal and state regulations are followed during IAQ monitoring and remediation procedures.

We’re listening

H2 Environmental Consulting Services always listens to clients’ concerns. If you’re concerned about the presence of a particular contaminant, or you’re not sure what might be present in your home and you want us to check everything, we at H2 Environmental Consulting Services will gladly do that. We can test your IAQ for contaminants such as mold growth, spores, fungi, chemicals, allergens, pesticides, VOCs, bacteria, and many other contaminants. If you’re concerned about your home’s IAQ, simply call the experts at (800) 524-3578.

Thorough testing and personalized service

We at H2 Environmental Consulting Services pride ourselves on the fact that we provide excellent IAQ services to homes, schools, hospitals, industrial and other commercial buildings throughout Southern California. We consistently work to meet each individual client’s specific needs and ensure each property we check is free and clear of contamination. We’re committed to making Southern California a cleaner, healthier, safer place to be for all residents and visitors. Your health and safety is our top priority, so call H2 Environmental Consulting Services today at (800) 524-3578.

Breathe deep thanks to H2 Environmental Consulting Services

You’ll be able to breathe deep and sleep soundly very soon. When H2 Environmental Consulting Services studies your home to check for IAQ issues and takes care of any contamination problems, you’ll breathe a sigh of relief right away. You and your loved ones’ continued health will be protected, and you’ll feel more confident inviting guests over as well.

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