Pomona Asbestos Removal

Posted on March 28, 2016 in Blog

Pomona Asbestos RemovalH2 Environmental Consulting Services is based in Chino, California, and serves all of Southern California – including Pomona – with hazardous materials remediation and management services. If you’re looking for a Pomona asbestos removal service, there’s no better choice than H2 Environmental Consulting Services.

What makes H2 Environmental Consulting Services special

H2 Environmental Consulting Services is Pomona’s premiere asbestos removal company because our mission is to make Southern California the safest, healthiest place to be for everyone. We fulfill this mission by decontaminating homes, schools, and workplaces in Pomona and throughout the rest of Southern California.

Short video about H2 Environmental Consulting Services

Check out this informational video for some helpful information about what we’re about at H2 Environmental Consulting Services. If you watched the video, you found out that this year, we’re celebrating 20 years of service. Find out why H2 Environmental Consulting Services continues to grow and be successful, all these years later – and why we’ll continue serving Southern Californians for many years to come.

Worried about asbestos in your building?

Perhaps you know that there’s asbestos in your residential or commercial property in Pomona, California – or you’re not sure whether it’s there or not. Find out for sure ASAP by calling Pomona’s asbestos removal experts at (800) 524-3578.

Why does asbestos need to be removed?

If asbestos is present in a building and it’s not even slightly disturbed, it can be left alone. But if the asbestos fibers are disturbed because of a remodeling or renovation project, they will be released into the air, and will likely end up in the occupants’ lungs. Asbestos exposure has been scientifically linked to serious diseases such as asbestosis, mesothelioma, and lung cancer. Effects often are unseen until many years – perhaps decades – after exposure, so make sure you don’t put yourself or your loved ones as risk. Make sure asbestos is removed properly by working with H2 Environmental Consulting Services—Pomona’s best asbestos removal company.

What does H2 Environmental Consulting Services do?

When you call H2 Environmental Consulting Services for asbestos remediation service, first we’ll evaluate your property, checking for common environmental contaminants like asbestos, lead, mold, fungus and more. If we find that contamination is present, we’ll formulate a plan to remove it completely. This plan will be in accord with all federal and state regulations regarding decontamination. Then we’ll make sure that the site is properly prepared to prevent further decontamination and ensure the asbestos is thoroughly removed.

After the remediation procedures are complete, anything that is contaminated with asbestos will be effectively disposed at a licensed hazardous material disposal facility. Then a thorough inspection will be conducted to verify that all asbestos has been removed from the Pomona property before re-occupancy.

When H2 Environmental Consulting Services finishes working at your Pomona property, you’ll be able to breathe so much easier. H2 Environmental Consulting Services is Pomona’s #1 asbestos removal company. Schedule an appointment with H2 Environmental Consulting Services by calling (800) 524-3578 or emailing CustomerService@H2Env.com.