Our Areas of Expertise: Indoor Air Quality

Posted on March 24, 2017 in Blog

Our Areas of Expertise: Indoor Air QualityWhile most people don’t think about it much, there aren’t many things that are more important than the quality of the air you breathe every day. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is an essential aspect of the health of the human race, but yet, many people don’t even know about it. That’s why in this blog, we’re going to discuss the importance of testing Indoor Air Quality and what to do if you suspect that your home or commercial property has IAQ problems.

Effects of poor Indoor Air Quality

Poor IAQ can have a serious affect on your health. Your family members or employees can suffer serious consequences if they’re subject to poor IAQ in residential or commercial properties for an extended period of time. Effects of IAQ problems can sometimes be felt immediately or may not even become apparent for years. Immediate effects include nose, throat, or eye irritation, dizziness, headache, and lack of energy. These effects are often short-lived and easily treatable, but the most important task is to eliminate the source of the problem. Long-term effects of IAQ problems may include heart disease, respiratory disease, and even cancer. Improving IAQ of your home or business property should be a very high priority.

Wondering whether your property has IAQ problems?

Stop wondering if your home or business property has poor IAQ – call the experts at H2 Environmental Consulting Services. We’ll be happy to schedule an appointment to give your property a complete environmental evaluation. Using the most modern equipment and advances techniques, we’ll test every molecule of your property – including soil, water, physical structure, and air – to conclusively determine if any contaminants are present. We test IAQ for many contaminants such as carbon monoxide, formalehyde, ozone, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and more. If we discover harmful materials in any area of your property, we’ll develop a complete remediation plan to eradicate the pollutant(s) so you and everyone else who enters your building will be able to breathe easily.

We follow all federal and state regulations precisely, and we’re fully licensed and insured for your peace of mind. More IAQ problems arise because of improper distribution of indoor air, such as a lack of ventilation or insufficient ventilation, or having a distribution system that actually brings pollutants from the inside into the interior of your building.

Call the IAQ experts today

If you have any doubt about the IAQ of your home or business property, call the experts at H2 Environmental Consulting Services at (800) 524-3578. We have the expertise required to make an accurate assessment and assist you through the necessary process to improve the IAQ of your property. Our #1 goal is making your property a safer, healthier place to spend time. Call us at (800) 524-3578 to schedule your IAQ evaluation today.

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