Lead Paint Removal Company in Southern California

Posted on July 10, 2015 in Blog

Lead Paint Removal Company in Southern CaliforniaIncreasingly, people are becoming more aware of the dangers of lead, particularly to children. Lead is most commonly found in the US in paint, which was used throughout the nation in just about every building until the late 1970s. Many walls haven’t been properly de-leaded to ensure the safety and health of our children, and it’s essential that if you have young children living at home, you make sure your home has been properly evaluated for lead and if necessary, thoroughly removed.

Why is lead paint removal important?

Babies and young children love to explore with their mouths. The sense of taste is probably the most valued sense children possess during their first years of life, and just about every baby puts every single thing within reach directly into his or her mouth, whether it’s a strawberry or a rusty nail. That’s why parents need to constantly be on alert for items that are within baby-grabby distance and make sure they’re not dirty, dangerous, or could present a choking hazard. When lead paint chips off walls, in big chunks or even as tiny dust particles, kids will get it on their hands, and eventually put their fingers in their mouths, ingesting the lead.

How lead paint effects children

High levels of lead exposure have been linked to poor brain development, anemia, problems with calcium absorption, and a host of other problems. When lead is absorbed into the blood stream, it’s distributed throughout the body, and can wreak major havoc.

Other sources of lead

As previously stated, the most common place lead is found is in old paint, but you may be surprised to find out that it can be present in many other areas of American homes.

For example, contaminated soil that’s near busy streets may contain lead, especially because lead was an ingredient in gas until the late 1970s. If you live on a busy street, make sure you don’t let your kids play anywhere near the road because it can contain lead dust that may be invisible to the naked eye.

Water the flows through old lead pipes or faucets may be dangerous if the pipes have begun to wear down. Drinking lead-contaminated water can increase exposure to lead.

Some toys, jewelry, hobby, and sports object contain lead. Stained glass, ink, paint, and plaster sometimes contain lead, so it’s essential that you never let babies and small children put any toys or other objects in their mouth if you’re not sure it’s lead-free. Just about every toy that’s produced in the US passes rigorous inspections, so it’s very likely lead-free, but you should be more cautious with imported toys.

If lead is there, we’ll find it

The good news is that when you call Southern California’s lead paint removal experts, we’ll study every little molecule of your home and check it for lead contamination. We have top-of-the-line equipment that detects lead and other contaminants, such as asbestos, fungus, and mold, in every nook and cranny of your home or business property. Rest assured that if lead is present in your property, we will find it.

Then we’ll develop a plan to completely eradicate your home of lead contamination (and any other hazardous materials we find in your home). We follow all federal and state hazardous material removal procedures exactly, so you can be confident that we will remove the lead and other contaminants in the safest way possible.

Don’t put your kids at risk—call (800) 524-3578 or email CustomerService@H2Env.com to schedule a complete evaluation of your home today.