Is Your Underground Storage Tank Compliant?

Posted on October 4, 2013 in Blog

Underground storage tank owners must comply with requirements for tank monitoring, leak prevention, cleanup and closure

Is Your Underground Storage Tank Compliant?Underground storage tanks are commonly used for the storage of hazardous substances like gasoline, heating oil, hydraulic oil, propane, chemicals, etc. Because these substances could potentially contaminate groundwater if they were to escape from the tank, the California EPA and the State Water Resources Control Board work together to create and enforce rules and regulations for the safe operation of underground storage tanks. If you have an underground storage tank on your property, you need to make sure it is in compliance with these rules and regulations. Fortunately, you can delegate this responsibility to H2 Environmental and enjoy peace of mind that you are fulfilling all your obligations. We assist with the following activities:

Tank Monitoring and Leak Prevention

By law, any underground storage tank containing hazardous materials must be overseen by a Designated UST Operator who has passed the necessary certification exams. H2 Environmental can serve as your Designated UST Operator and provide the monthly visual inspections of the tank and the annual employee training that are required by law. These activities help protect against contamination from corrosion or failure of the tank as well as from employee errors like overfilling and spills. We can also assist with the design and installation of monitoring systems including monitoring wells and perform Enhanced Leak Detection per CA EPA requirements.

Tank Cleanup

If a leak or spill has occurred on your property and resulted in air, soil, or water contamination, you may be required by law to conduct the necessary remediation activities. As an expert environmental consulting company, H2 Environmental can handle every step of this process, from the initial testing to determine the extent of the contamination to the actual remediation to the final clearances.

Tank Closure

You can’t simply stop using an underground storage tank. You have to complete a specific closure procedure in order for the state to consider your obligations regarding public health and safety to have been met. Depending on your specific situation, you may be required to remove the entire tank from the property. H2 Environmental can not only help you find the appropriate contractors to complete a tank removal, but also create a worksite design plan that will ensure the contractors complete their work without contaminating the property in the process.