Is Lead Poisoning Common in the US?

Posted on February 12, 2017 in Blog

Is Lead Poisoning Common in the US?By now, just about everyone knows about the heartbreaking situation in Flint, Michigan, where officials still haven’t been able to procure safe, lead-free drinking water for its residents. Thousands of children are starting to see the devastating, permanent aftereffects of lead poisoning, and people in other cities are wondering, “is my drinking water safe? Is lead poisoning common in other areas of the US, too? Are my children at risk of lead poisoning?”

These are all very important questions that everyone should be asking themselves and their government officials. Many parents and others are concerned about lead poisoning levels here in the US. Even though instances of lead poisoning have decreased in recent years, vigilance is still essential to make sure children are protected from this harmful metal.

How common is lead poisoning?

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) doesn’t generalize data at the national, state, or even county level, so it’s not clear how much lead poisoning cases there are. However, since we know about the catastrophe in Flint, it’s safe to say that lead poisoning is still a major issue in the US that everyone should pay attention to and prevent.

Are you concerned about lead in your home?

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