Hosting Your Grandkids for Thanksgiving? Make sure Your Home is De-leaded Now

Posted on November 13, 2015 in Blog

Hosting Your Grandkids for Thanksgiving? Make sure Your Home is De-leaded NowThanksgiving is just around the corner… time to celebrate! If you have grandkids who will be arriving for a special Thanksgiving celebrations, you’re probably already over-the-moon excited to hug your sweet little ones. Preparations are likely well underway, and you’ve already got the most important tasks taken care of—you know where everyone will be sleeping, your special Thanksgiving recipes are all picked out, and you’re done deep-cleaning every nook and cranny in preparation for your family’s arrival.

Prepare your home for maximum togetherness and fun

What about making your home perfectly safe for your little grandchildren to crawl and toddle around comfortably this Thanksgiving? Preparing your home for little ones will be a great benefit to both your grandchildren and their parents. If you go ahead and by covers for your electrical outlets, the parents won’t have to worry about little ones sticking their fingers in them. If you go ahead and put away your glass coffee table, the parents will be able to relax and enjoy a nice conversation with you since they won’t have to stress out about their son or daughter banging their head on it.

Togetherness matters

It’s the little things that really make a difference during the holidays. You don’t need to get expensive flower arrangements or spend a ridiculous amount on special treats at the grocery store—just enjoy being together! It’s as simple as that.

You can really enjoy simply being together this Thanksgiving when you know your home is perfectly prepared for your sweet grandchildren to explore.

Pay attention to lead

One essential preparatory step that you’ll definitely want to take care of is to make sure your home is properly de-leaded. If your home is older than a few decades, it very likely has lead paint, which was very widely used up until the late 1970s. Eventually, people realized that lead paint was actually very dangerous. If someone ingests lead, it can lead to lead poisoning, which can inhibit neurological development and cause a whole host of other problems.

What does all this have to do with my grandchildren?

This relates to your grandkids’ visit because kids love to crawl around and play on the floor. No matter how meticulously you clean your floor, it will have little bits of dust and dirt on it, and it might even have some lead paint that has chipped off your wall. Kids also love to put their fingers in their mouths, and if they’ve been on the floor and there’s lead paint on their hands, they will ingest it. It’s a pretty big deal, but thankfully this is easily avoided.

Call H2 Environmental Consulting Services for complete de-leading services

Just call the de-leading experts at H2 Environmental Consulting Services. We’ll thoroughly evaluate your property and determine if any contaminants, such as lead, asbestos, or mold are present. Then, with an eye first on safety, we’ll come up with a decontamination plan that will completely eradicate lead and any other harmful substances from your property. Your grandkids will be able to play on the floor all day, if they’d like to, after H2 Environmental Consulting Services is finished!

Call (800) 524-3578 to make an appointment and ask any questions you may have, and happy Thanksgiving from all of us at H2 Environmental Consulting Services!