H2 Environmental Offers Lead Awareness Training

Posted on September 6, 2013 in Blog

Lead in the WorkplaceComplying with OSHA training requirements regarding lead in the workplace is easy with help from H2 Environmental

Because lead is a dangerous material that can cause serious health problems, all employees who may come into contact with significant amounts of lead or lead-containing materials as part of their jobs must complete a lead awareness training program. OSHA requires that this program be completed annually. With help from H2 Environmental, you can fulfill your OSHA obligations quickly and easily. Just call us to schedule a lead awareness training session.

Dangers of Lead

Acute and chronic lead exposure can cause many different health issues, including damage to the nervous system, kidneys, and reproductive system. In most situations, the concern is ingesting lead. For example, children are considered at higher risk than adults for lead paint poisoning because they are likely to put things in their mouths and ingest lead dust that way. However, in industrial settings, employees need to worry about getting lead containing-materials on their skin or in their eyes as well as about ingesting lead. For example, lead arsenate and lead azide are both compounds that can cause skin and eye irritation to workers. Lead awareness training from H2 Environmental covers this and other particular dangers that lead poses in an industrial or commercial setting. We will also cover the levels of lead exposure deemed dangerous by OSHA, common workplace activities resulting in lead exposure, and symptoms of lead poisoning.

Material Data Safety Sheets for Lead

Like all of our hazardous materials training programs, lead awareness training includes an overview of how to read, use, and follow material data safety sheets for materials containing lead that may be used as part of the employee’s job. Use of material data safety sheets is required by OSHA and it is imperative that employees know how to use these resources to keep themselves and others safe in the workplace.

Workplace Lead Safety Practices

Employees can protect themselves from exposure to lead by using respirators as well as protective clothing. The exact safety gear used will depend on the nature of the work as well as on what types of lead hazards are present in the workplace. H2 Environmental’s lead awareness training sessions will include discussion of the purpose, proper selection, fitting, use, and limitations of respirators and other safety gear. We will also cover best practices for removing lead paint and cleaning up work sites afterwards for employees in the construction or remodeling industry.