Get an Environmental Evaluation Before Buying a Commercial Property

Posted on May 19, 2017 in Blog

Get an Environmental Evaluation Before Buying a Commercial PropertyPerhaps you’re interested in opening a restaurant, manufacturing plant, condo complex, or other commercial property. You’ve been doing plenty of research and your head is practically spinning with data. You’ve been looking at commercial properties with a real estate agent for months, and you finally think you’ve found the right property for your needs. What do you do?

Of course, as a responsible business person, you knuckle down, don’t get too excited, and try to objectively evaluate the property. But it’s hard to avoid letting your imagination run away from you, especially if you really fell in love with the property when you checked it out with your realtor.

Before you get too ahead of yourself, there’s an important safety factor that you may not be aware of when deciding whether to purchase a commercial property:

Is it contaminated?

A surprising amount of commercial properties are contaminated with harmful materials such as asbestos, lead, mold, or fungus. It’s important to be aware of these concerns before purchasing a property because contamination issues could cost you thousands of dollars. You wouldn’t want to put your health and the health of your employees at risk – so before even extending an offer on a commercial property, make sure it’s undergone a full environmental evaluation with H2 Environmental Consulting Services.

Why H2 Environmental Consulting Services?

H2 Environmental Consulting Services is the most trusted Southern California-based environmental testing, remediation, and management company. We’re here for all your residential and commercial environmental needs. If a commercial property you’re considering purchasing hasn’t been evaluated from an environmental contamination standpoint, we highly recommend arranging for testing to occur before you extend an offer. Call us at (800) 524-3578 and we’ll be happy to schedule an environmental evaluation of any commercial property in Southern California ASAP.

H2 Environmental Consulting Services employs an entire team of highly-trained environmental experts who utilize the most modern technology and most effective techniques to analyze every molecule of commercial properties, including their water, air, soil, and physical structures. If the commercial property in question has any contaminants, you can really trust H2 Environmental Consulting Services to find it and eradicate it.

Complete remediation services

After the commercial property has been thoroughly tested, we’ll present our findings to you and the current owner. If any contamination is discovered, we can also provide full remediation services. We follow all government regulations to the letter, and take all safety precautions very seriously. As a licensed and insured roof contractor that’s been providing complete environmental testing, remediation, and management services throughout Southern California for over 29 years, you can rest assured that you’re in highly capable hands with H2 Environmental Consulting Services.

Don’t put yourself at risk – make sure the commercial property you’re considering buying is absolutely safe and healthy by scheduling an environmental evaluation with H2 Environmental Consulting Services today. We’re Southern California’s environmental specialists, and we relish every opportunity to make it a safer, healthier place to live and work. Call us today at (800) 524-3578.