Fix Your Home’s IAQ Problems before the Holidays

Posted on November 6, 2015 in Blog

Fix Your Home’s IAQ Problems before the HolidaysMany homes in Southern California and throughout the entire nation have IAQ (indoor air quality) problems that may be negatively affecting your and your loved ones’ health and comfort. IAQ is an abbreviation that’s used to describe how the air inside a particular structure affects the wellbeing of inhabitants who spend time breathing it. Measures of IAQ include humidity, temperature, ventilation, the presence of mold or fungi, or it may involve exposure to certain chemicals.

Currently, there aren’t any OSHA standards regarding IAQ, though there are guidelines for workplaces. OSHA stands for Occupational Safety and Health Administration. It’s a federal organization that’s part of the Department of Labor. It exists to ensure workers stay safe on the job by enforcing standards and conducting workplace safety training.

How to know if your home might have an IAQ problem

IAQ problems usually aren’t very subtle—you can often smell them! One of the biggest causes of IAQ problems is inadequate ventilation, meaning not enough fresh air is being allowed into a building or contaminated air is being allowed into a building. Excess moisture often leads to IAQ problems as well. This can lead to the development of mold and/or fungus. If your home or commercial building is contaminated with asbestos, dangerous fibers could be released into the air if you have a problem with excess moisture as well. Less common problems with IAQ that may be present in your property include the presence of harmful contaminants such as carbon monoxide, ammonia, formaldehyde, ozone, and natural gas.

Find out if any of these contaminants are lurking in your home by contacting H2 Environmental Consulting Services today. Just contact us by calling (800) 524-3578 or email, and our IAQ will be glad to come give your property a thorough environmental evaluation so you know exactly which, if any, contaminants you’re dealing with.

Why contact H2 Environmental Consulting Services now

The holiday season is approaching quickly now that Halloween has passed. Avoid having to rush around to get ready for special get-togethers by starting preparations now. If you have any small children, or sick or elderly people among your extended family and friends, it’s especially essential for you to call (800) 524-3578 or email to find out if you home is contaminated with lead, mold, fungus, asbestos, or other hazardous substances.

Don’t put your family and friends at risk when they come to visit you for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah, or for any other reason—just call H2 Environmental Consulting Services. We have the manpower and expertise to handle safely detecting and removing any contaminants found in your home or business property—just in time for the holidays.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at H2 Environmental Consulting Services!