First Time Home-Buyer? What you need to know about contamination in Southern California

Posted on March 3, 2018 in Blog

First Time Home-Buyer? What you need to know about contamination in Southern California

Thinking about purchasing a home for the first time? The entire process can feel overwhelming. There are so many different things to be aware of, and you can never be 100% sure that you’re picking the right home for your family. Plenty of people narrow down the number of homes they’re interested in based on how many bedrooms and bathrooms it has, and what location it’s in, but there are so many other variables to consider, too.

One variable that you might not have thought of yet is whether the property is completely healthy and safe for your family. So many homes throughout Southern California are contaminated by one or more harmful materials, and it’s important to become aware of these health threats before signing on the dotted line.

Thankfully H2 Environmental Consulting Services is here to provide all the environmental testing services you need during the home-buying process. We’ll be happy to test every molecule of any home you’re considering buying in Southern California for environmental contamination – including its soil, water, air, and physical structure. We have highly advanced equipment and techniques to analyze each molecule of your home and conclusively determine whether contaminants are present and if so, exactly where.

We test for a wide range of harmful materials frequently found in Southern California including:

  • Asbestos
  • Mold
  • Fungus
  • Lead

We’re also Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) specialists. The quality of the air you’ll breathe each day living in a particular home is really important, so make sure you have it analyzed by the experts at H2 Environmental Consulting Services before moving in. Our mission is to make Southern California a safer, healthier place to be, and we accomplish this goal by testing properties and providing complete remediation services throughout Southern California.

What if contamination is found?

Perhaps you’ve found your dream home, you enlist the experts at H2 Environmental Consulting Services to provide a full environmental evaluation, and we find one or more contaminants are present. If that happens, don’t despair – we also provide complete remediation services. Using specialized equipment, we’ll safely and thoroughly remove all harmful materials from the home, dispose of them according to all federal, state, and local regulations, and provide final testing to ensure all harmful materials have been properly eradicated before you move in. Your new home is in excellent hands with the experts at H2 Environmental Consulting Services.

Don’t risk it!

Purchasing a new home is a risky endeavor, no matter how you slice it. But you can go forward with more confidence with the knowledge that your home is contaminant-free after an environmental evaluation from H2 Environmental Consulting Services. We’ve been Southern California’s most trusted environmental consulting company for over 29 years, and we love helping first-time buyers make an informed decision when considering the purchase of a home. Call us at (800) 524-3578 to schedule your environmental evaluation today.