Find the Funny in Environmental Testing with H2’s New Mini-Movie

Posted on September 20, 2015 in Blog

Do you as the proverbial “man of the family” attempt to do every task in your home without once hiring a professional? Then you’re in good company with the star of H2 Crew Productions’ hilarious new short, “Popcorn Ceiling.” Check it out here!

Here’s a quick summary in case you don’t watch it:

funnyBill is a man who wants to do everything for himself in his home. The short opens with him attempting to fix his toilet without calling the plumber. He ends up sending a huge spray of toilet water right into his face and dropping his iPhone into the toilet, too. Talk about a costly mistake!

But it gets worse:

His wife keeps talking to him on the phone after he dropped it in the toilet. She mentions that they need to test their popcorn ceiling for asbestos before removing it. (It’s always important to check for asbestos before disturbing any material that may contain it to avoid disturbing and inhaling the asbestos fibers.)

Cut to Bill on the ladder, clumsily trying to scrape bits of the popcorn ceiling off. Unfortunately he loses his balance and ends up in a dusty heap on the floor. Oh boy…

Then he’s seen driving and gets pulled over. He shows the police officer his bag of white dust and says he’s taking it to the lab to test his popcorn ceiling. The police officer thinks it’s drugs and arrests him! The short ends with Bill wailing, “I’m sorry honey!”

Be smarter than Bill. Call H2 Environmental Consulting Services!

While we understand the manly urge to do everything yourself, there are definitely some tasks that should be left up to the experts. Testing for and removing hazardous materials are definitely not tasks that Bill or anyone else should tackle on their own. Save yourself a lot of grief by calling or emailing H2 Environmental Consulting Services(800) 524-3578 or We’ll schedule an environmental evaluation of your property at a time that’s most convenient for you. You won’t have to worry about missing your anniversary dinner or anything else when you call the experts at H2 Environmental Consulting Services for all your hazardous materials needs.

Don’t risk getting carted off to jail with some potentially-contaminated asbestos popcorn ceiling in your pocket… don’t be like Bill. Be smarter than Bill—just call the friendly folks over at H2 Environmental Consulting Services today!

We service all of Southern California, and we’re based in Chino. We hope you enjoy the mini-movie, and we hope to serve your environmental consulting needs very soon!