Ew! Mold, fungus, and lead — oh my!

Posted on September 22, 2017 in Blog

Ew! Mold, fungus, and lead — oh my!

Are you worried about the presence of mold, fungus, or lead in your home? Many homes throughout the US and right here in Southern California contain these harmful contaminants, and the owners have no idea. Now is the time to find out whether your home contains these harmful materials and make sure they’re properly removed before you and your family start experiencing negative effects.

Concerned about mold?

Mold is so disgusting! It’s really important to detect, identify, and remove mold because there are certain species that release mycotoxins which are particularly dangerous to the health of children, the elderly, and anyone else who is immunocompromised. Determining the presence of mold and identifying which type is present in your home are the essential first steps. This can be easily accomplished by calling Southern California’s mold experts at H2 Environmental Consulting Services. Call (800) 524-3578 and we’ll be happy to schedule a full evaluation of your home to check for mold, scientifically determine which mold variety is present in your home, and then come up with a remediation plan. We follow all federal and state regulations regarding safe removal and disposal of mold containing materials, so you can rest assured that your home will be 100% free and clear of mold when we sign off on it.

Ew! Fungus!

Fungus may have entered your home via fungal spores from the outdoors via windows, doorways, or by being carried in on pets, people, or things. When fungi grows indoors, spores are produced and released into the air. Anytime there’s excess moisture in an area, fungus can reproduce really quickly. As soon as you suspect the presence of fungus in your home, give H2 Environmental Consulting Services at (800) 524-3578 a call. People who have been exposed to fungus in microscopic form in indoor air may have higher rates of respiratory problems such as asthma, so it’s important that you have it properly removed right away.

Lead worries?

Especially if you have young children, you should be worried about the presence of lead in your home. Just about every home built before the 1980s contains lead-based paint and other materials that contain this harmful contaminant. Lead poisoning is a widespread problem in many areas of Southern California, and H2 Environmental Consulting Services is working hard to eradicate this from homes everywhere to protect the health and safety of everyone, including our youngest people. Lead poisoning can result in serious developmental problems, but it’s completely preventable. Just call H2 Environmental Consulting Services at (800) 524-3578 and we’ll conduct a thorough evaluation of your home to determine the presence of lead and eliminate it. You’ll be able to let your kids play anywhere they want in your home without fear of them ingesting lead-contaminated paint or anything else.

Serving Southern California for over 29 years

H2 Environmental Consulting Services has been working hard to make Southern California a safer, healthier place to live for over 29 years. Call us at (800) 524-3578 to schedule a full environmental evaluation of your home. We can handle all your environmental needs including testing, remediation, and management.