Environmental Consulting Firms – Why You Need One

Posted on June 24, 2013 in Blog

An environmental consulting firm can provide valuable environmental site assessments

Environmental Consulting Firm

Purchasing, developing, or redeveloping a property can potentially expose you to many compliance issues related to state and federal environmental laws. In order to avoid getting in over your head, it is best to secure the assistance of a qualified environmental consulting firm like H2 Environmental early on in the process. We can perform the environmental site assessments required to give you a comprehensive understanding of any liabilities or limitations associated with the property in question. Here are two examples of situations where the services of an environmental consulting firm would be vital.

Identifying Pre-Existing Pollution

Before you purchase a new commercial or industrial property, you will want to have a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment done in order to reveal whether or not the site is affected by any Registered Environmental Conditions (RECs). If you do not complete the environmental site assessment, you could be held responsible for the cost of cleaning up any hazardous materials on the site, even if the pollution was caused exclusively by the previous owner. By hiring a company like H2 Environmental to perform the site assessment, however, you comply with your obligation to perform “all appropriate inquiries” into the condition of the site, which allows you to claim the innocent landowner defense under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) should any pollution be discovered after your purchase is complete.

Predicting the Impact of Development

If you are interested in clearing land for new development, you need to get environmental site assessments done in order to prove that your proposed development would not adversely affect the local environment. The professionals from H2 Environmental can come and survey the flora and fauna on your property to determine whether or not protected species are present. If protected species are discovered, you will need to develop a plan for limiting the impact of development on them significantly if the project is to go forward. Getting an environmental site assessment is especially important if your property contains or abuts a wetland, as wetland areas are considered especially sensitive and in need of extra protection.

Why Choose H2 Environmental for Your Site Assessment

There is a lot riding on your environmental site assessment, and you need to be able to trust that your assessment will present an accurate picture of the property based on high-quality scientific data. Our skilled environmental assessors are fully trained in industry best practices for taking the samples required for the assessments. You can rely on us to take all the water, air, soil, and materials samples needed, as well as to provide assistance with the monitoring of potential hazards like above ground or underground storage tanks.