Condo Complex Environmental Testing in Chino, California

Posted on October 22, 2015 in Blog

Condo Complex Environmental Testing in Chino, CaliforniaAre you a property manager or owner of a condo complex? Then it would be tremendously beneficial for you to schedule an appointment with H2 Environmental Consulting Services. We are Chino’s forefront environmental testing and hazardous material removal company. Southern Californians have heavily relied on H2 Environmental Consulting Services to provide excellent environmental testing services for industrial, commercial, and residential properties—including condo complexes—for over 28 years. Read on to find out what makes H2 Environmental Consulting Services so great.

Make sure your residents can breathe easy

Many people spend the majority of their time, both awake and sleeping, indoors. Therefore, indoor air quality, also known as IAQ, is extremely important. If there are hidden contaminants lurking in your condo complex that interfere with the IAQ, you’ll want to know about them. At H2 Environmental Consulting Services, we can provide you with a thorough evaluation of your entire condo complex’s IAQ, including quantitative measurements of any harmful substances that may be present. Then we can also meticulously eradicate contaminants from your condo complex to dramatically improve IAQ in all buildings.

Child safety – lead

One could say that there’s nothing more important than safeguarding the next generation. Make sure all children who live and visit your condo complex are kept safe by scheduling an environmental evaluation with H2 Environmental Consulting Services. Lead is an especially common contaminant that was widely used in paint and many other materials up until the late 1970s. Make sure your building doesn’t contain any lead paint because if it does, and children ingest lead dust, which could cause lead poisoning—you could be held liable for any injuries that resulted.

Real estate

If your condo complex is new, or if you rent units out to tenants, it’s a great idea to have H2 Environmental Consulting Services check your property for common contaminants because this will be a real selling point to potential buyers and renters. Families with young children, allergy sufferers, and elderly people will be especially glad to hear that your condo complex is contaminant-free. Make your condo complex stand out from the competition with a thorough evaluation and decontamination from H2 Environmental Consulting Services.

Training of staff

Not only do we provide environmental evaluation and decontamination services at H2 Environmental Consulting Services, we also can train your condo complex staff to maintain your buildings in the best way possible—permanently contaminant-free!

Chino condo complex

If you have a condo complex in Chino or any of the surrounding areas, go with the best environmental consulting company in all of Southern California—H2 Environmental Consulting Services. Chino residents and condo complex managers have trusted H2 Environmental Consulting Services for all their environmental management needs for over 28 years. Hop on the bandwagon of Southern Californians who appreciate the environmental management services H2 Environmental Consulting Services provides.

Contact information

The staff at H2 Environmental Consulting Services will spring into action as soon as you call (800) 524-3578 to set up an environmental evaluation of your condo complex. Alternatively, you could email to set up the appointment, or use the online contact form here. We look forward to serving your environmental consulting needs in Chino or anywhere else in Southern California!