Can I fix my home’s IAQ problems on my own?

Posted on August 28, 2015 in Blog

What is IAQ?

IAQ stands for Indoor Air Quality. It refers to the air quality of a property, such as a home or business, and whether it has contaminants that may affect the health of the people inside in it or not.

Wondering about your home’s IAQ?

Can I fix my home’s IAQ problems on my own?Do you suspect that your home has IAQ problems? Have you noticed your children or elderly relatives, or those with allergies coughing when they spend time in your home? Then your IAQ may have harmful contaminants.

The good news is that there are ways to remedy this problem fully. First, there are a few steps you can take on your own to improve your home’s IAQ.

DIY solutions

One way to improve your home’s IAQ is by cleaning it regularly. Carpets and rugs absorb dust, dirt, bacteria, and other contaminants like sponges, so vacuum weekly, if not more regularly to improve the IAQ of your home. This is especially important if you have any family members who have dust allergies. Just 10 minutes of vacuuming each week can save them from being uncomfortable in your home 24/7.

Open those windows!

Anytime the temperature outside is tolerable enough for you to open the windows, do it! Getting some fresh air in your home will work wonders for its IAQ, and it keeps stale smells at bay.

Clean those air vents

Wipe all air vents in your home with a moist rag at least every six months. You’ll be amazed at how much dust and grime accumulates on the air vents in such a short period of time! Your family will breathe easier with a lot less dust messing with the IAQ of your home.

IAQ problems won’t be solved that easily, though

But these DIY methods won’t completely solve your home’s IAQ problems. If you suspect you have mold, fungus, lead, or asbestos in your home, you definitely need a professional IAQ evaluation to be done by H2 Environmental Consulting Services. Using the most modern tools and techniques, the IAQ experts at H2 Environmental Consulting Services will investigate every molecule of your home, including the air, and discover any contaminants that may be lurking there and affecting your IAQ.

Mold, fungus, lead, and asbestos are serious contaminants that you must handle with care by calling the hazardous materials experts at H2 Environmental Consulting Services. Call to schedule an in-home consultation today: (800) 524-3578. Or if you prefer to contact us online, send us an email at or an online message here.

Discover the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your home’s IAQ is optimally clean, fresh, and pure. Your entire family will be so grateful you called H2 Environmental Consulting Services!