Asbestos Testing in Orange County

Posted on May 20, 2016 in Blog

Now is the ideal time to get your Orange County property tested for asbestos. If you have a single or multi-family, home, commercial or industrial property – you should find out whether it contains asbestos and remove it properly ASAP.

Why is asbestos testing such a big deal?

Asbestos Testing in Orange County Get your Orange County property tested for asbestos right away – you could be putting your inhabitants at risk for asbestos exposure. This has been linked to serious diseases like mesothelioma and lung cancer, which won’t develop for decades. Particularly if you plan on renovating or remodeling your property, it’s essential that you get it tested for asbestos before beginning.

That’s because when asbestos-containing materials are disturbed in any way, microscopic asbestos fibers are released into the air. Then they can be inhaled by anyone in the vicinity.

Call Orange County’s best asbestos testing company

H2 Environmental Consulting Services has been testing for asbestos throughout Orange County for over 28 years. Using the most up-to-date technology and meticulous methods, we check for asbestos in every area of your property. You can be confident that if it’s there, our asbestos experts will definitely find it.

Asbestos removal in Orange County

You can count on H2 Environmental Consulting Services for all your asbestos testing needs in Orange County, and you can also rely on us for all your asbestos removal needs, too. We follow every federal and state law regarding safe and effective asbestos removal, and we’re a fully licensed and insured company that thousands of people in Orange County and surrounding areas have relied on for all their asbestos needs.

Not just asbestos!

We’ll also be happy to check your property for other common contaminants, such as lead, mold, fungus, and more. We’ll check the soil, physical structure, water, and air for contamination, and then depending on our findings, provide you with a proposal for complete removal. If you agree to our proposal, we’ll work as efficiently as possible to make your property 100% free and clear of contaminants. You’ll be able to breathe easy as soon as we’re done!

Contact H2 Environmental Consulting Services today

Now is the ideal time to contact H2 Environmental Consulting Services for all your asbestos testing needs in Orange County. At the same time, we’ll be glad to test your property for mold, lead, fungus, and other common contaminants often found in Orange County.

Whether you have one house or a hundred condos, we can handle any size job you send our way. You can count on every person you interact with at H2 Environmental Consulting Services to be highly professional and totally helpful. Contact us today! Simply call (800) 524-3578 for immediate attention or shoot us an email at