Asbestos Awareness Training

Posted on December 31, 2013 in Blog

OSHA requires asbestos awareness training for all employees that may get exposed to unsafe fiber levels

Asbestos awareness training

Often, people think of asbestos awareness training as being something that is only required for asbestos removal contractors. The fact of the matter is, asbestos awareness training is an OSHA-mandated requirement for all employees that may come in contact with potentially hazardous levels of asbestos during their regular duties. If you have asbestos-containing materials on your commercial property, custodial staff and maintenance workers will need to be trained in the safe and proper handling of these materials. H2 Environmental can come to your place of business to contact OSHA-compliant asbestos awareness training tailored to the needs of your employees. We provide the following three types of training:

General Awareness Training

This type of training is required for employees who work near asbestos-containing materials that may become damaged during routine business operations, cleaning, or minor repairs. General awareness training takes about two hours, and includes topics like the health effects of asbestos and precautions that should be taken if employees encounter damaged asbestos-containing materials. Additionally, we make sure employees are aware of the locations of asbestos-containing materials within the building and able to identify evidence of dangerous damage or breakage in those materials.

Special O&M Training

This type of training is designed to provide maintenance workers and custodians with the information they need to make general repairs to asbestos-containing materials safely. Special operations & maintenance training covers all the topics included in general awareness training, plus additional information regarding federal, state, and local regulations. We also go over proper asbestos-related work practices including how to dispose of asbestos-containing waste and how to utilize equipment such as respirators, glovebags, HEPA vacuums, and protective clothing.

Abatement Worker Training

This type of training is for employees who will be directly involved in asbestos abatement activities. It includes the topics from special O&M training, plus additional material covering how to prepare a work area for asbestos abatement, how to decontaminate workers and bagged waste leaving the work area, and how to properly clean the area after the remediation is complete. Safety protocols to be followed while handling asbestos-containing materials will also be covered.

Get Training from H2 Environmental

When coordinating any type of asbestos awareness training for your employees, it is vital to secure the assistance of a true expert in the field. At H2 Environmental, we have a staff of fully certified professionals who are able to provide the necessary training and prepare your employees to stay safe while on the job. If you have questions about our asbestos awareness training, please contact us today.