Are you thinking about selling your home? Make sure you get it checked for lead first

Posted on May 17, 2016 in Blog

Are you thinking about selling your home? Make sure you get it checked for lead firstThe housing market is very hot in many areas of Southern California right now. Particularly as millennials begin settling down and starting families of their own, the demand for starter homes continues to increase. Millennials are often excellent researchers, since they grew up as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other popular websites really gained traction in American society. But that means that when they’re looking into purchasing a home, particularly if they’re planning on starting a family there, they will check many factors that buyers may not think of.

One essential factor for many savvy millennials who are in the market for a home to start their families is:

Does it contain lead?

You may be wondering – what’s the big deal about lead?

Just a few decades ago, every home contained lead in some form – lead paint was used everywhere. But in the 1970s, scientific studies found that lead poisoning caused serious problems, particularly for children. Brains and muscles wouldn’t develop properly, and neurological problems were linked to lead exposure.

Lead exposure dangers

The main issue with homes that contain lead-based paint is that eventually, it flakes off. Lead paint chips and dust falls to the floor and since little ones frequently crawl around and play on the floor, it gets onto their hands, which sooner or later find their way into their little mouths. The lead is ingested and in high levels, causes serious developmental problems. That’s why the U.S. government banned the use of lead paint in residential homes.

Though many homes throughout the US were built before the 1970s and still contain lead paint. Slowly but surely, over time, lead paint is being removed and replaced with safer paint that doesn’t pose a danger to children’s health.

Make your home as appealing as possible to potential buyers

So you see why it’s so important to remove lead paint if you’re planning on putting your home up for sale anytime in the near future. Potential buyers will definitely ask about the presence of lead in the home, and if there is any, it may deter them from making an offer. But if you’ve already taken care of lead removal, and buyers can be certain that their children will be safe when playing on the home’s floors, you might even get an offer above asking price. Now wouldn’t that be awesome?!

But you may be balking at the thought of having to tackle on another project to improve your home for potential buyers. Your real estate agent has likely already recommended many other potential ways you could renovate and refurbish your home to be more enticing, but the idea of doing all of them is probably completely unrealistic. But truly – if you only handle one issue that your home has, lead is a very safe bet. Avoiding lead exposure is important to just about everyone, so it’s a very good investment that you definitely won’t regret making.

Call H2 Environmental Consulting Services for all your lead removal needs

Plus when you call H2 Environmental Consulting Services, we make the entire process completely easy and stress-free! Our lead experts will test your home to check for the presence of lead and other common contaminants like asbestos, fungus, and mold. If we find contaminants, we’ll develop a proposal to safely and effectively remove all harmful substances in your home while following all federal and state regulations. We’re a fully licensed and insured company with over 28 of lead removal experience. Count on us for all your lead removal needs anywhere in Southern California!

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