Are You Looking For a Reputable Asbestos Testing Company Fullerton CA?

Posted on May 14, 2013 in Blog, News

Be sure to check certifications and references before hiring an asbestos testing company Fullerton CA

AsbestosIf you believe you might have asbestos, you obviously want to hire a reputable asbestos testing company Fullerton CA. After all, you need to know for certain whether or not this highly dangerous material is present in your commercial or residential property. Making an educated guess simply won’t cut it. Here are some tips for evaluating potential asbestos testing companies Fullerton CA.

Check Certifications

It is actually illegal for anyone other than a California Asbestos Consultant or a Certified Site Surveillance Technician under the supervision of a California Asbestos Consultant to take asbestos samples in your home or business. The reasoning behind this is that asbestos fibers become dangerous when they are loose in the air and can be inhaled. Taking a sample disturbs the matrix of the asbestos-containing material in question, potentially releasing hazardous asbestos fibers. Having a trained and certified individual taking the sample greatly reduces the risk of fiber release and environmental contamination. Plus, a certified individual is more likely to correctly identified the materials that should be tested. Before hiring a contractor to perform asbestos testing, be sure to ask for proof that they are certified to perform this service.

Check Lab Partners

Most asbestos testing companies will not analyze the samples they take from your property themselves. Instead, they will send them to a lab for analysis. In order to ensure that your sample gets tested properly, you will need to check out the lab and make sure they do good work.

Check References

Checking a contractor’s references is always a good idea. However, in the case of asbestos testing it can be hard to tell if past customers are happy because the work got done right or simply because they were treated well during the process. After all, detecting asbestos requires a professional eye, and most consumers will not have had a second opinion to check the asbestos testing company’s work and determine whether or not they found all of the asbestos-containing materials. So when checking references, use them more to screen out problem companies than to identify perfect companies.

Additional Services

It may be useful to you to partner with an asbestos testing company Fullerton CA that can also perform other services for you, such as removing the asbestos and disposing of it properly. You might need pre and post-removal asbestos air testing, as well as periodic air testing throughout the project, depending on what legal requirements and OSHA regulations might apply to your project.