Environmental Site Assessments San Bernardino County CA

We provide expert Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments San Bernardino County CA

Environmental Site Assessments San Bernardino County CA

There are plenty of reasons to get environmental site assessments San Bernardino County CA, including getting permission for new construction on previously undeveloped land, protecting yourself from liability issues on a property you want to buy, or just learning more about a property you already own. H2 Environmental can provide expert environmental site assessments to provide you with all the information you need to understand your property’s risks and liabilities and make wise decisions about it.

Elements of Environmental Site Assessments San Bernardino County CA

Environmental site assessments San Bernardino County CA are designed to detect existing environmental degradation, as well as protect against future degradation. Site assessments usually start with historical research and visual inspections, and only move on to soil, air, and water sampling and testing if the assessor concludes hazards are likely to be present. H2 Environmental’s environmental site assessment offerings include a variety of services including:

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
    • Air, soil, groundwater, building materials
  • Phase II Supplemental Hazardous Material Sampling
    • Complete documentation and reportage
  • Storage Tank Monitoring and Recordkeeping
  • Storage Tank Removal Sampling and Certification
  • Environmental Impact Studies
  • Wetland Assessment

After an Environmental Site Assessment

Best case scenario, your environmental site assessments San Bernardino County CA won’t reveal any hazards to human health or environmental issues. However, sometimes assessments do reveal problems. Then, if you own the property, you will have to take steps to either clean up the pollution or other hazards, and/or protect local plants, wildlife, and ecosystems from damage. H2 Environmental can help with this part of the process through our environmental consulting services.


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