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San Bernardino CA


Located in a valley that indigenous people called “The Cupped Hand of God,” San Bernardino CA has not always found prosperity and success. Though the city won an All-America City award early in the 1980s, San Bernardino soon began to struggle economically. The most recent recession caused the city to declare bankruptcy in 2012. However, the city is beginning to recover and new development projects are planned. For example, San Bernardino CA is working to create a historic district centered around its 1918 train depot. When completed this pocket of historical significance will connect to the downtown and hopefully draw more foot traffic to local museums, coffee bars, and restaurants. If you own property in San Bernardino CA, naturally you want to make sure it is safe and free from environmental hazards like asbestos, lead, and mold. H2 Environmental can provide the environmental consulting services necessary to do this. We can help you detect and remove sources of contamination to keep your property clean and safe.