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Environmental Site Assessments in Dana Point CA


We provide expert Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments in Dana Point CA

Some common reasons to get environmental site assessments in Dana Point CA including preparing for buying a property, converting private property to public use, or beginning new construction on a previously undeveloped property. They may also prove useful for private property owners who want to know more about health and safety hazards on their property. H2 Environmental can provide expert environmental site assessments to provide you with all the information you need to understand your property’s risks and liabilities and make wise decisions about it.

Elements of Environmental Site Assessments in Dana Point CA

Depending on whether your environmental site assessments in Dana Point CA are designed to detect existing hazards or protect against future environmental degradation, they will contain different elements. They typically include sampling of air, ground water, soil, and building materials on a given property as well as surveying the local ecosystem on an undeveloped property. We offer many different services, and you can choose which of the following elements to include in your site assessment:

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
    • Air, soil, groundwater, building materials
  • Phase II Supplemental Hazardous Material Sampling
    • Complete documentation and reportage
  • Storage Tank Monitoring and Recordkeeping
  • Storage Tank Removal Sampling and Certification
  • Environmental Impact Studies
  • Wetland Assessment

Understanding the Results of Your Assessments

Best case scenario, environmental site assessments in Dana Point CA don’t reveal any hazards to human health or environmental issues. However, sometimes they do reveal problems. If you got the assessment on a property before buying it, your course of action may be as simple as walking away from the deal. But for those who already own the property in question, the process is not over. You will have to take steps to either clean up the pollution or other hazards, and/or protect local plants, wildlife, and ecosystems from damage. H2 Environmental can provide further consulting services to help you understand the result of the site assessment and how to fulfil your legal obligations.