Environmental Site Assessments in Cypress CA

We provide expert Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments in Cypress CA

Environmental Site Assessments in Cypress CAThere are plenty of reasons to get environmental site assessments in Cypress CA, including getting permission for new construction on previously undeveloped land, protecting yourself from liability issues on a property you want to buy, or just learning more about a property you already own. Whether you have a specific legal need or are just curious about a property, H2 Environmental can perform expert site assessments to give you the information you need.

Elements of Environmental Site Assessments in Cypress CA

An environmental site assessment may include different tasks depending on what you are trying to accomplish with the assessment. Most assessments begin with a visual inspection and a study of historic materials regarding the property. This helps the inspector understand what hazards are likely to be on the property, and enables them to provide more targeted testing and evaluation services. At H2 Environmental, we are qualified to provide all the following elements of environmental site assessments in Cypress CA:

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
    • Air, soil, groundwater, building materials
  • Phase II Supplemental Hazardous Material Sampling
    • Complete documentation and reportage
  • Storage Tank Monitoring and Recordkeeping
  • Storage Tank Removal Sampling and Certification
  • Environmental Impact Studies
  • Wetland Assessment

Understanding the Results of Your Assessments

Best case scenario, environmental site assessments in Cypress CA don’t reveal any hazards to human health or environmental issues. However, sometimes they do reveal problems. For prospective lenders or property purchasers, a site with environmental issues can simply be avoided. But if you already own the property, you will need to come up with a plan for removing contaminants or protecting plants, animals and the local ecosystem. H2 Environmental can help with this part of the process as well.

Schedule Your Environmental Site Assessment Today

Whether you want an official Phase I or Phase II assessment, or want to commission your own customized inspection and assessment of a property for your own personal edification, H2 Environmental can help. Please contact us now to learn more.


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