Asbestos Inspection in Cypress CA

Asbestos Inspection in Cypress CA

H2 Environmental provides thorough asbestos inspections in Cypress CA you can trust

Asbestos is a natural but dangerous mineral that is officially classified as hazardous to human health by the EPA. When asbestos-containing materials become damaged, they generate dust that can travel through a building’s HVAC system and contaminate areas far from the original source. This dust can then lodge in the lungs and cause serious health problems, including fatal cancers. The professionals at H2 Environmental can help you identify sources of asbestos contamination and clean up your property to improve your indoor air quality. As your environmental consulting company, we can facilitate the asbestos inspections in Cypress CA and other services you will need to complete a successful asbestos remediation.

A Vital Step in Asbestos Management

An asbestos inspection in Cypress CA is a vital step in any asbestos management project for two reasons. First of all, an inspection may be needed at the beginning of the project, not only to identify any asbestos-containing materials that may be present on the property, but also to assess the condition of these materials. Based on the results of this initial inspection, a plan of action may be created including steps like:

  • A comprehensive site survey
  • Sample-taking
  • Asbestos testing in a licensed lab
  • Remediation plan development
  • Specifications to ensure worksites comply with Federal law
  • Periodic air monitoring during the construction or demolition process

Secondly, an asbestos inspection in Cypress CA may also be needed to clear the property for reoccupancy following work. Typically, asbestos air testing must be done at this time to supplement the visual inspection and make sure all hazardous asbestos dust has been removed.

Why Choose H2 Environmental for Asbestos Inspection in Cypress CA

When a potentially deadly substance such as asbestos is involved, working with an inexperienced or uncertified contractor can be a serious liability. H2 Environmental doesn’t hire or contract with amateurs. Whether you just need a quick asbestos inspection in Cypress CA or a full scale asbestos remediation, we will send only the best, most highly trained workers to assist you. We take the safety of your property seriously, and you can trust us to get the job done right.


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