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The EPA and the state of California have officially classified asbestos as a hazardous material, and for good reason. When asbestos-containing materials become damaged, they generate dust that can lodge in the lungs and cause serious health problems, including fatal cancers. This dust can travel through a building’s HVAC system and contaminate areas far from the original source. Fortunately, you can get professional asbestos management services from H2 Environmental to help you deal with asbestos contamination. As your environmental consulting company, we can facilitate the asbestos inspections San Diego County CA and other services you will need to complete a successful asbestos remediation.

Asbestos Management Services

An asbestos inspection San Diego County CA is designed to detect the presence of asbestos in areas with known or unknown asbestos-containing materials. An inspection is often the final step in a comprehensive asbestos management plan, which typically includes:

  • A comprehensive site survey
  • Sample-taking
  • Asbestos testing in a licensed lab
  • Remediation plan development
  • Specifications to ensure worksites comply with Federal law
  • Periodic air monitoring during the construction or demolition process
  • Final inspection

Why Choose H2 Environmental for Asbestos Inspection San Diego County CA

When dealing with a hazardous material like asbestos that has the potential to be deadly, you don’t want to take any chances by working with amateurs. At H2 Environmental, we don’t hire amateurs. All of our staff members are fully trained in best practices related to asbestos testing, asbestos removal planning, and asbestos inspection San Diego County CA. We take the safety of your property seriously, and you can trust us to get the job done right.


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