Environmental Consulting Company Huntington Beach CA

Environmental Consulting Company Huntington Beach CA

H2 Environmental is a full-service environmental consulting company Huntington Beach CA with special emphasis on indoor air quality.

Environmental consulting services are very important, no matter what kind of property you own. Private homeowners need to keep their families safe and healthy, while landlords, business owners, and government officials have a responsibility to protect the people who visit their properties. An environmental consulting company Huntington Beach CA can help you detect and eliminate all kinds of environmental hazards, from minor dust or allergen problems in your HVAC system to major lead or asbestos contamination in your building materials.

Our Services

As your premier environmental consulting company Huntington Beach CA, H2 Environmental Consulting Services is proud to offer the following services:

  • Asbestos Testing and Remediation
  • Lead Testing and Remediation
  • Mold Sampling and Remediation
  • Soil Testing
  • Indoor Air Assessments
  • Underground Storage Tank Monitoring, Recordkeeping, and Removals
  • Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments
  • Project Oversight and Management
  • Material Safety Data Sheet Awareness Training
  • Hazardous Materials Awareness Training

All of our services are performed by highly trained and qualified personnel. We take care to ensure that industry best practices are followed on every job to give you the best possible results.

Environmental Consulting Firms Can Provide Training

In addition to hazard detection and remediation, environmental consulting firms sometimes provide training for employees who handle hazardous materials. At H2 Environmental, we recognize that a little bit of prevention goes a long way. That’s why we provide hazardous materials awareness training and material data safety sheet awareness training for your employees. With our help, you can save money by internalizing many aspects of asbestos remediation projects, without sacrificing quality or safety.



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