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Asbestos Testing Fullerton CA


If your home or business was built before 1978, you need asbestos testing Fullerton CA

The dangers of asbestos are well-known to many people, but that doesn’t mean that everyone knows how to safely handle an asbestos removal. There are tons of rules and regulations that govern the process, and you must take care to follow them all when conducting asbestos testing Fullerton CA, creating a sealed work zone around the asbestos, and disposing of the waste. Rather than attempt to figure all this out yourself, you should hire H2 Environmental Consulting Services.

Asbestos Management Fullerton CA

At H2 Environmental Consulting Services, we help you navigate the red tape of asbestos management, including all of these activities:

  • Comprehensive site survey
  • Sample-taking
  • Asbestos testing
  • Remediation plan development
  • Specifications to ensure worksites comply with Federal law
  • Periodic air monitoring during the construction or demolition process
  • Final inspection