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Cypress CA


Cypress CA has been through quite a succession of names over its history. It was first part of the Rancho los Nietos under Spanish rule. When California joined the Union and the ranchos were broken up, the community became known as Waterville in honor of the many artesian wells in the area. In the 1950s, local farmers christened the town Dairy City in an effort to preserve their farms in the face of growing development pressures. However, ultimately this was unsuccessful and Cypress CA did become a suburban, residential community. It took the name Cypress CA from the local elementary school, which itself had been named for the windbreak of cypress trees around it. If you own a home in Cypress CA, be sure that it is safe from hazards like lead paint, asbestos and mold with help from H2 Environmental. We inspect homes old and new for environmental hazards and facilitate remediation services to eliminate contamination and provide a safe and healthy environment.