Asbestos Testing in Aliso Viejo CA

If your home or business was built before 1978, you need asbestos testing in Aliso Viejo CA

Asbestos Testing in Aliso Viejo CAAsbestos is a known carcinogen that can cause lung cancer, asbestosis, and respiratory disorders after prolonged or repeated exposure. Though asbestos-containing materials were commonly used in construction for many years, today we know that this was not wise, and owners of older properties are left holding the bag on this issue. Asbestos testing in Aliso Viejo CA from H2 Environmental can help identify sources of asbestos contamination, enabling you to take the necessary steps to avoid exposure. H2 Environmental can provide asbestos testing for both private and commercial purposes. Getting testing is especially important if you have a commercial property, as you have a responsibility to make sure you are providing a safe work environment for your employees.

Test Before You Work

Because asbestos fibers are most dangerous when they are loose and airborne, you should definitely get asbestos testing in Aliso Viejo CA before beginning any renovation or demolition projects that will affect materials that may contain asbestos. This should prevent you from inadvertently contaminating your property during work. Some of the common asbestos-containing materials you might encounter in a remodeling project include:

  • Duct, boiler, or pipe insulation
  • Textured paint
  • Popcorn ceilings
  • Roofing shingles
  • Ceiling tiles
  • Vinyl flooring
  • Furnace gaskets
  • Cement

Why Choose H2 Environmental for Asbestos Testing in Aliso Viejo CA

Naturally you want to be absolutely certain that all asbestos-containing materials have been correctly identified before beginning any kind of remediation project. This helps prevent accidentally leaving dangerous materials in place or inflating your project costs unnecessarily by removing materials that are not actually hazardous. You can trust H2 Environmental to provide the accurate asbestos testing in Aliso Viejo CA you need because our staff are true experts. They have the skills and training required to take samples safely and we only work with authorized labs that can return reliable results. If asbestos is detected, we can immediately begin assisting you with a full range of remediation services to eliminate the problem.

Stop Wondering If You Have Asbestos

Put an end to all the suspense about hidden dangers that may lurk in your home! Request reliable asbestos testing in Aliso Viejo CA from H2 Environmental now.


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